June 15, 2007


We're still packing. We still haven't closed. We may just rent forever.........

June 3, 2007


Okay, so despite the blog 2 posts back, we didn't get the house I was talking about... we got an even better one!!!! I love how things work out sometimes. This new house has tons of room, 3 bedrooms and an acre of property! I love it.

So, with the new house comes packing. The word is we should be closing in the next 10 days (keep your fingers crossed, it's been a long time coming). We have started sorting through everything and deciding what to keep and what not to keep. So far I'm a little worried because our "keep" pile is approximately 5 times larger than our "throw away" pile. We've got half of the basement and half of the den done... now if we could only get a whole room done we'd be in a little better shape. We're considering a garage sale... but we have to determine if we actually have enough junk to go through the effort.... time will tell.