March 27, 2009

Glass Houses

Annie overhead Dane and I talking. She said "glass houses, what does that mean?"

I said, "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

She says, "THROW STONES! Of course they shouldn't throw stones in a glass house, it would break all the windows!!!"

Bon Jovi According to Anna

Oh oh we're half way there
Oh oh livin' on a prairie
Take my hand
We'll be right back
Oh oh livin' on a prairie

March 19, 2009


Annie had a fever in the middle of the night last night. This morning she woke up fine. This is a conversation from this morning.

Annie: I need more sleep.
Dane: Well, if you still don't feel good you can stay home today.
Annie: I want to go to school. I'm just tired because I was up 99% past my bedtime.

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Dane and Anna went to the Williamston Elementary Daddy/Daughter Dance again this year. Just like last year he picked her up and got her a corsage and then they went to dinner first. Dane sent me a text message halfway through dinner... it went like this.

Anna: Daddy, how long are we going to be at the daddy/daughter dance?
Dane: About and hour or so.
Anna: Okay, let's go.
Dane: But we still have food to eat...
Anna: Dad, we can eat when we get home. Right now we gotta get DANCIN!

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(these were taken from a camera phone)