December 21, 2008

Christmas Treats

Annie: Miss, Dad let me have this brownie and it's SOOOO good!

Me: It's fudge.

Annie: It tastes kindof like a cold brownie.

December 11, 2008

Annie Again

Dane: Annie, put your backpack on.
Annie: Can I get a little help here?
Dane: Why?
Annie: Because it's heavy.
Dane: Why is it heavy?
Annie: Because of the corn.
Dane: What corn?
Annie: The corn for math.
Dane: Oh, well please put it on.
Annie: There is NO way I'm puttin' this elephant on my back.

(Notice the complete lack of surprise or question on Dane's part that there is corn in the backpack for math.)

December 10, 2008


Annie: What's for dinner?
Me: Chicken Bake
Annie: What's chicken bake?
Me: Spaghetti with chicken and cheese.
Annie: Oh.... are you sure it's not lasagna?

(5 minutes later)

Annie: I think I got a little chicken popeye in here.

(Hmm... are you sure it's not chicken pot pie? And also, I'm pretty sure you did not.)

December 4, 2008


This is why I think Facebook is really a cult.

This is a snapshot of what I found in my email today. Apparently while I wasn't paying attention my husband signed me up for facebook.


I know I always have some reason for why I haven't updated this thing but as you all know we recently got married and I think that's a pretty good excuse for being busy. I finally have a minute (even if I am at work while I'm doing this) and figured I would get things rolling. Anyway, I wasn't going to post a bunch of pictures but everyone has been asking so here you go. This is only about 1% off the overall pictures taken by our photographers, and probably doesn't even come close to what was actually taken by everyone else at the wedding. If you want something else you don't see here, let me know and I'll try to get it up. Or if you have some good ones then send them my way and I can add to my collection.

As far as the wedding goes, it was a blast! First off, we actually ended the night being married, so that was a definite positive. No major problems ensued - as far as I know, no one died, was injured, or was arrested. There were no fires or other life threatening catastrophes. As far as all of the regular stuff goes I think we had about 180 people show up. All of the vendors showed up on time and with all of the required equipment... with the exception of the DJ who did not have a wireless mic, but I guess I can take that if it's the only "hiccup" we ran into.

Our parents put in a ton of work the week (and summer actually) before the wedding getting everything ready. My mom's garden looked awesome! Dane and his dad built the bar (which is now in our house) and it worked out perfectly. My grandma made Annie and Beth's dresses and I couldn't have been happier with them. Mama P made the bouquets and they were beautiful - not bad for going to Horrocks two days before the wedding and picking out the best of what they had!

Anyway, that's the wedding in a nutshell. If these pictures tell the tale, I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time!