June 25, 2008

Holy Cow!

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I've updated this thing -- actually I can. I have been boycotting the crappy excuse for internet that we have at our house. We live approximately 2 miles away from "town". Apparently this is two far for high speed internet. We called over 10 vendors and none of them will service our house - IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Seriously, the thought of dial up makes me a little sick to my stomach - I can't even sit still through an entire 30 minute tv show that is supposed to be entertaining. How am I supposed to sit around for an eternity waiting for dial up to kick in?

Dane, in all his technological beauty, called up Verizon who sells a phone plan for cellular modems. This is slightly faster than dial up, but no where near DSL or cable. It was the best we could get - the really nice part is that we had to sign up for a two year plan, just like a regular phone. This is sure to lock us in for the next two years, even if someone finally wises up and services our road with high speed. Great.

So, back to my point. It takes approximately 12.5 years to upload any pictures or make changes to my blog so I just haven't done it. But, things change and I know you're all on the edge of your seats wanting to know what's new with us, so I decided to give this another shot. Here's the past year in a nutshell.

1) We bought a house in Williamston - YEAH!
2) Anna started school - Developmental Kindergarten
3) We're planning the wedding - it's coming along slowly but surely
4) Dane's new job is going well - everybody loves him, but I'm sure you're not surprised by that
5) Anna graduated DK!
6) Bella turns 6 years old this month!
7) We got a new puppy - she is now 12 weeks old.
8) I got a new job at the same company - way better!

All in all I guess things are going pretty well. We've come a long way in in a short time. When I think back about how just over two years ago Dane was still living in a crappy one bedroom that Anna used, while he slept in the living room, I still lived in Kalamazoo, and Dane still worked at Best BuyI can't believe how much different things are now - and for the better!

More developments to come soon!

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